By Lisa Milbrand
December 21, 2014
Kourtney Kardashina 28660

Nope, it's not Jeffrey or Robert, as some gossip rags were speculating last week. The name of the third child of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian follows one of 2014's biggest celebrity name trends, by trying to lend him a little royal air: Reign Aston.

Reign is a word name meaning ruler. (Perhaps a nod to Scott Disick's purchased British noble title?) Lil Kim put it in the middle spot for her daughter, Royal Reign.

Aston seems likely to have been picked for its most glamourous claim to fame. It's part of the name of luxury car maker Aston Martin, favored by James Bond. It's a relatively rare baby name—hasn't ever been in the top 1000.

What do you think? Does Reign fit in with big brother and sister Mason and Penelope? Or is it too out there for standard usage?

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Updated to correct middle name.