Kate Winslet 28508

Kate Winslet likes short and sweet names for her kids: Her oldest two are Mia and Joe. But with baby number three, she's veering a little bit into the A-list odd baby name arena, with the name Bear.

Besides the animal, it's most well known as the name of legendary football coach Bear Bryant. It was picked for several celebrities, though usually as a middle name—where I think it works a lot better. Red Hot Chili Peppers' frontman Anthony Kiedis and chef Jamie Oliver picked it as a middle name for their boys, while Alicia Silverstone also put it in the front, as Bear Blu.

There's no word on whether/if the baby has a middle name. Bear does sound nice with Winslet, though I'm still not convinced it makes a good name for a grown man.

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Image: Kate Winslet by Everett Collection /