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It's another girl for Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen! Joining big sister Winnie Rose is Frances Cole, who was born via surrogate on December 3rd.

Frances is experiencing a bit of a renaissance after more than 50 years on the decline. (You can probably thank Pope Francis for the newfound interest!) The name means either free man or from France, depending on the source. If you liked Drew Barrymore's decision to go with Frankie for her daughter, you can use the same nickname with this name. (And given that Nancy is a partner in Drew Barrymore's production company and Drew's the gal who set them up, I wouldn't be surprised if she helped inspire the name choice!)

Cole is generally used as a boy's name, and means "coal black." It's currently near the top 100 boys' names, and is most commonly associated with songwriter Cole Porter. (Not a bad association for a baby!) I'm wondering if the name has some sort of family history to it.

In all, the name hits the same vein as big sister Winnie's—and I kind of love the Winnie/Frances sibset.

Tell us: What do you think of Jimmy and Nancy's name choices? Would you consider Frances for your daughter—and is Cole ready to make the jump from boys' name to girls'?

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Image: Nancy and Jimmy Fallon, by  DFree/