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Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles and husband Justin Miller welcomed their first child yesterday—a brand new baby boy with the name Magnus Hamilton. That makes the second Magnus born to a celebrity in less than a month—actress Elizabeth Banks had a son named Magnus November 14th.

Magnus is a Latin name that means "the greatest," and is a popular name choice in Scandinavian countries—Magnus is a name with a long and storied history in Swedish royalty. It fits in with the up-and-coming trend of Greco-Roman baby names, including Atticus and Augustus.

Middle name Hamilton is an English surname that means "treeless hill," and was, most famously, the surname of one of our Founding Fathers. I'm thinking this middle name is a family name.

What do you think of their baby name? Is Magnus the kind of name you'd pick? And are you into this classical Roman name trend?

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