By Lisa Milbrand
June 15, 2014

Office star Jenna Fischer welcomed her second child with husband Lee Kirk. Joining big brother Weston Lee is little sister Harper Marie. (I'm sensing that Jenna and Lee love surname names—don't you?)

Harper has been a huge favorite lately for ladies—it's currently the 16th most popular name for girls. It means, naturally, "harp player."

Marie is a French variant of Mary, and means bitter. It's been a top middle name choice for decades, and it's currently in the top 600 baby names for the U.S.

In all, a lovely name, and one that it's likely that some of you may have picked. (No oddball names here!)

Tell us: Do you love Jenna's choice? And if you are one of the moms who picked Harper for your daughter, what did you pick as the middle name?

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Image: Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk by DFree /


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