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Actress Jaime King gave her brand new son a name that's pretty similar to her own. She and husband Kyle Newman welcomed a baby boy they named James Knight Newman.

James is one of the most enduringly popular baby names, having never left the top 20 baby names within the past 150 years. It means "supplanter," and it's connected to another uberpopular name, #1 Jacob. It's so timeless, it's been the name of two of Jesus's apostles, of numerous royals, of American presidents, and countless bold-faced names. (It's even become popular as a middle name for girls, at least within the A-list celebrity set!) James and Jaime are both variants of Jacob—Jaime is the Spanish version, while James is the English.

They went a little more offbeat in the middle with the name Knight. It's a noble title for the armor-clad warriors of yore, like King Arthur's Round Table companions. I think it lends the name a little chivalrous note, don't you think?

What do you think of Jaime King's choice? Would you pair a common name with a more offbeat middle, or should they have gone classic in the middle as well?

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