Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry 28471

What kind of baby name goes with Nahla? If you're actors Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, you go with something a little offbeat for your brand new son, the little brother of Nahla. And according to TMZ, they picked Maceo Robert for their son.

Maceo is an old-school name that means gift from God, and it's best known as the moniker for jazz musician Maceo Parker. It's a cool way to get to that "Mace" nickname without going with the red-hot Mason. And Robert is a tried-and-true baby name that means famous. It's currently on a bit of a decline, but a name this classic truly never goes out of style. It's been used by a bunch of famous actors, from the classic Robert Redford to Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Pattinson. And Robert is also the name of Olivier's father, so that's probably the reason they picked that name.

What do you think of Maceo? Is it a name that's likely to see more play after Halle and Olivier chose it—or is it always going to be a rare name? I can kind of see it as an alternative to Mason, Jace, or Mateo—can you?

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Image: Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez by s_bukley /