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X marks the spot—or at least the end of the first names of two brand new celebrity babies. First, Pretty Little Liars star Tammin Sursok gave birth to a baby girl and named her Phoenix Emmanuel, a pretty offbeat moniker for a daughter. Then country singer Dierks Bentley had his third child, a son named Knox.

Phoenix is a mythical bird that burns then is able to be reborn from the ashes. It has strong ties to Chinese mythology and well, it's the name of a city in Arizona, too. It's in the top 400 for boys, and the top 600 baby names for girls.

Emmanuel is usually a boys' name—girls tend to get the fancy French "elle" ending (i.e. Emmanuelle). It means "God is with us," and is a top 200 name for boys.

And Knox was popularized by Brangelina, who chose it for one of their set of twins. It's a Scottish surname that means "round hill," and has been on a huge upswing ever since Brad and Angelina's son received the name. (It's currently #368 in the U.S.)

Not loving these names, but still like the "x" ending? You can go with one of Brad and Angelina's other sons' names—Maddox or Pax—or try Felix, Rex or Devereaux for boys, or Beatrix or Margeaux for girls.

What do you think? Do you like names with an X in them?

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