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Celebrity Baby Names: Ciara and Future's Son

You knew that a guy who renamed himself Future (formerly known as Nayvadius D. Wilburn) wasn't going to pick something like John or James for his son. And instead, rapper-producer Future and singer Ciara decided to give their new cutie a name that's obviously dear to their hearts—Future! And they paired that with the middle name Zahir.

Future is obviously a word name, and one that hasn't been extremely popular—only six boys were given it last year. It does give you that forward thinking vibe, though. Perhaps we'll be seeing more Futures in, well, the future?

Zahir is an Arabic name that means "shining." So maybe this boy has a bright future? (With two talented celebrity parents, that's not a huge stretch!)

No word yet on what they're planning to call him—will he go by Future Junior?

In all, it's certainly not a name I'd pick for one of my kids, but it seems perfect for the baby of two very creative celebrities.

What do you think? Would you consider Future for your kid—or are there any other word names you'd pick instead?

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