Chely Wright 28400

It's twins for country singer Chely Wright and her wife, Lauren Blitzer Wright, who welcomed a pair of sons over the weekend. The two boys were given names that had meaning for the couple—they're the names of Chely and Lauren's grandfathers: Everett Joseph and George Samuel.

Everett is a relatively popular name that means "brave," and currently is on a major upswing toward the top 200 names. They paired it with the timeless Joseph, a top 20 Biblical name.

George is a Greek name that means farmer. It's a name that's on a very slow and steady decline, after decades in the top 20 names. (I still love it, though, for little boys!) It's a name with a very long and illustrious past, including British royals, our first President, a slew of writers, and of course, a few modern Presidents, too. Samuel is an Old Testament name, which hasn't been out of the top 100 for over a century. It's a name that means "told by God," and it's currently in the top 25 in the U.S.

What do you think of Chely and Lauren's choices? Are you planning on any of those names for your baby boy? (Don't forget to check out our Name Game to tell us what other names you love—or love to hate!)

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