Beverley Mitchell 28374

The former Seventh Heaven actress Beverley Mitchell and husband Michael Cameron have a new bundle of joy—a brand new daughter. The name they gave her? Kenzie Lynne.

Kenzie began as a boy's name, and it means light-skinned. But these days, it's more commonly used as a girls' name, where it's currently on its way into the top 300 baby names on a huge upswing. (Consider it an alternative to the top 75 baby name Mackenzie.)

Lynne, of course, has been a middle-name staple for decades. Lynne means "lake," and it's currently fallen out of favor as a first name (it hasn't been in the top 1000 baby names for more than 30 years). More people seem to go for the literal "Lake" as a middle name now than the Lynn/Lynne option.

The name is cute, and flows nicely (I like the zingy "z" in the middle of Kenzie).

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