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Eli Manning and his wife, Abby, just added a second daughter to his brood—a girl named Lucy Thomas joins big sister Ava Frances.

I'm loving the name Lucy—as apparently are many of you—it's currently #66 here in the U.S. and on a steep incline toward the top of the charts. It's a name that means light, and has some pretty legendary ladies that sported it—we're talking legendary comedienne Lucille Ball (aka "I Love Lucy"), Lucy van Pelt, the adorable sassy big sister from the Peanuts cartoons, and of course, the song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds," by the Beatles.

Thomas is traditionally a man's name, but several celebs have picked James as a middle name for their daughters, so why can't Thomas make the transition? Thomas is about equal in popularity to Lucy, at #63 for boys, but rare in use for boys.

The name has a similar vibe to big sister Ava's—a popular and traditional choice, paired with a more unique middle name.

What do you think of Eli and Abby's baby name choice? Do you love Lucy?

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