Adriana Lima 28271

Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima and husband Marko Jaric had their second daughter yesterday. The new baby's name is Sienna, and she joins big sister Valentina in the clan.

The name choices for both of Adriana and Marko's daughters mirror their mother's feminine first name—and are universally beloved names that fit in in nearly any country in the world (perfect for the daughters of a jet-setting supermodel).

Sienna is a variant spelling of Siena, which is a town in Italy. It's a name that's been consistently in the top 200 names in the country for the past few years. (It's also the name of a one-time Crayola crayon color—who can forget burnt sienna?) Sienna is also the name of actress Sienna Miller, lending it a little bit of star quality as well.

The name Sienna fits nicely with her big sister's name, Valentina, which is a Latin name that's rising fast (currently number 153), and means strong.

There's been no word on what—if any—middle name they chose for their daughters. With Sienna, I like natural sounding names: Sienna Rose, Sienna Lily, or Sienna Ivy. I could also see pairing this beautifully with a more traditional middle name choice, such as Jane or Grace. Valentina definitely needs a shorter middle name, like Faith, May or Jade.

What do you think of Adriana and Marko's baby name choices? Could you see a little Valentina or Sienna in your future?