Kevin Jonas 28524

It's a baby girl for first-time parents Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle. And they've picked a not-so-traditional name for her: Alena Rose.

Alena's source is a bit unclear—it could be a variant on Helen, Elena or Lena. It has hovered near the bottom of the top 1000 baby names for more than a century, never charting higher than the top 700. It means "shining one." With so many Al- and El- names becoming so popular and this celebrity push, I can see it becoming more popular again.

Rose is a far more popular name—currently near the top 250 in baby names. It's one of the more popular floral names in recent times, and is currently on an upswing.

I think the name has a nice flow to it, and works beautifully with their last name. What do you think? Share your take on their baby name choice in the comments.

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