By Lisa Milbrand
August 05, 2014

It's a girl for fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and her husband, Gavin Bellour. Joining big brother Luca Shai is a daughter with a unique name choice for a girl: Bowie Lou.

Bowie has generally been a name in the boys' column, most commonly associated with rock legend David Bowie, Alamo hero Jim Bowie, and the Bowie knife. (Though 2013 figures show that 42 girls bear the name, compared to only 25 boys.) It's of Scottish origin, and means blonde.

Lou is often considered a nickname for Louisa, though can be a name in its own right. It's recently become somewhat fashionable among celebs for a middle name, with Louis C.K. picking it for his daughter, Mary Lou, and Keri Russell choosing Willa Lou.

Tell us: What do you think of Rebecca and Gavin's choice? Would you consider Bowie for your daughter or your son?

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