Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler and her boyfriend David Gardner welcomed a baby boy recently, and now the actress has shared the baby's name. Joining big brothers Milo and Gray is the intriguingly named Sailor Gene. Sailor is, of course, an occupational baby name with ties to the sea. Sailor has been a more popular baby name for girls, thanks to Christie Brinkley picking it for her daughter a few years back.

Gene is often used as a nickname for Eugene (or Eugenia, in the case of a girl). And it once ruled the charts as a top 75 name back in the 1930s, but interestingly, it started falling out of favor just as movie legend Gene Kelly made his debut in the 1940s. It dropped out of the top 1000 baby names here in the U.S. in the early 1990s, but Oasis rocker Liam Gallagher recently gave it to his son.

In general, I think it's an intriguing name choice—though I'm not quite sure I'm loving Sailor Gardner as a name combo. However, Sailor does go nicely with Milo and Gray as a sibling set.

What do you think of Sailor as a baby name? Is it taking that occupational name trend a bit too far, or is it a cool alternative to some of the more popular occupational names, like Mason, Taylor and Cooper? And would you give it to a boy or girl?

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