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Elizabeth Banks was fabulous as Effie Trinket in the first Hunger Games movie—and now she and husband Max Handelman have given their new son a name that seems worthy of a Capital hotshot. Magnus Mitchell joins big brother Felix, who is 20 months old.

Both boys have names with strong Latin roots—big brother Felix's name means "happy," while new baby Magnus gets the name that means "the greatest." And the middle name Mitchell could be a family surname, or simply the English variant of Michael. (And considering that Elizabeth Banks had a memorable guest starring spot on Modern Family, perhaps it's a nod to Jesse Tyler Ferguson's character Mitch on that show.)

Magnus is a hot name in Scandinavia now—and was a big name for royalty over there—but it hasn't really caught on here. I wonder if the name just seems a little bit too boastful (even if every parent knows that their kid is the absolute greatest). But I think that the fervor over the Hunger Games, where many characters have names with classical Latin roots, may help bring names like Magnus to light. Consider Latin-based names like Octavia, Venia and Flavius, Cinna's stylist helpers—and Seneca, Claudius, Plutarch and Caesar, who all help put on the Games.

But in any case, it seems like a perfect name match with their other son's name—and Magnus is a name that flows beautifully with their last name, Handelman.

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