By Lisa Milbrand
July 16, 2014
Kristen Bell 28365

Stars—they're just like us! And when it comes to baby names, they often have the same issues and quandaries we all do.

For instance, people always seem to have the perfect baby name lined up for the first baby—but for the kiddos after that, it can be harder to find a baby name that they love as much (or that they both agree on). That's apparently an issue for Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who found and loved the name Lincoln for their oldest daughter. But according to People, the pair are stumped when it comes to baby #2. Do you think they'll follow the latest trend and give their new baby a name out of Frozen? Given that they picked one name to use for a boy or a girl, I'm guessing they'll go with something else intriguingly unisex. (That way, they only have to come up with one good name!)

And while celebrities are often mocked for coming up with out-there baby names (hello, Audio Science and Pilot Inspektor), sometimes they inadvertently almost give their kid a bad name, simply by not checking for weird pronunciation issues or awful monograms. For instance, actor Poppy Montgomery (currently pregnant with baby #3) nearly gave her son the name Jack—a perfectly respectable and normal baby name. But not if you really listen to it, when it's paired with her husband's surname, Kaufman. Her new rule: Say it 3 times fast and see if there's something embarrassing that happens (that's when she discovered why Jack Kaufman doesn't work). That's great advice for any parent! And think about nicknames that come from the name, too—you don't want to give your kid the name Richard Head, for instance.

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