Kerri Walsh-Jennings 28376

I was inspired when I found out that Kerri Walsh-Jennings, one half of the massively talented U.S. women's beach volleyball team, scored a gold for the U.S. while secretly pregnant. And now, we finally got the scoop on the baby name: Scout Margery. She joins big brothers Joseph Michael and Sundance Thomas—an eclectic collection of names, to be sure!

Scout is a word name that gives the sense that your kiddo will be curious and adventurous. Its most famous association is with the lead character from Harper Lee's opus, To Kill a Mockingbird. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore also gave it to one of their daughters. It's a name that can be used for either girls or boys, but I love it on a girl.

Margery was my pick for cool name of the week last week, based on the cool, conniving princess on Game of Thrones. It's a variant of Margaret, and means pearl. Maybe now that it has a celebrity's seal of approval, it'll be on its way to regaining popularity.

I love the name she chose—it's a happy medium between the ubertraditional Joseph she chose for her her oldest son, and the more creative Sundance for her second son.

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Image: Kerri Walsh-Jennings by  Christopher Halloran /