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Etta Jones Daly. It appears that the former MTV host and current NBC late night host—along with his girlfriend Siri Pinter—decided to honor jazz great Etta Jones (not to be confused with "At Last" singer Etta James) by naming their new baby after her. Etta joins brother Jackson James (looks like the Daly-Pinter clan likes some Js in their names).

Etta means "ruler of the home," and began its life as a nickname for Henrietta, but now serves as a name in its own right. The name hasn't hit the top 1000 in decades, but its striking similarity to many of the currently popular names (such as Emma and Ella) mean its comeback is inevitable. The two chanteuses are the most prominent people who bear the name.

Jones follows that whole surname-as-a-name trend, and literally means "son of John." It's usually used as a male name, but makes a nice middle name, along the lines of Jane.It still doesn't rank very highly as a baby name, though—probably due to that whole "keeping up with the Joneses" saying.

It's a unique name combination, that really works nicely for them. I think the name fits beautifully with her big brother's name, especially with the striking similarities between their middle names.

What do you think of Carson and Siri's baby name choices? Would you (or did you) give your child a name that pays homage to an artist you love—or do you think that's a lame idea? Share your thoughts (or your biggest baby naming dilemmas!) in the comments.

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