Bruce Willis, Master Namer 28198

In naming his new baby daughter Mabel, Bruce Willis adds to a what was a trifecta of perfectly kooky baby names. (Demi Moore deserves some of the credit, too, since she was a partner in naming the first three girls.) Willis gets extra credit for coming up with them before it was common practice for celebs to pick out-there names. Let's take a look at his girls, from oldest to youngest.

Rumer Glenn Rumer, Moore and Willis' oldest daughter, was born in 1988. She was named for the British author Rumer Godden. This is one of the first examples I've seen of a noun (other than a flower or attribute) used for a first name. (Ignoring the fact that rumor is spelled with an o.) It's a risky name, since Rumer can have somewhat negative connotations, but I think it works. The rhythm and sound of the name is really nice, and Glenn adds some heft to what is a somewhat floaty-sounding first name.

Scout LaRue The middle daughter was born in 1991. I'm usually not a fan of capitalization within a name, but I don't mind it here -- there's something about the sassy vibe of the entire name that makes it work.

Tallulah Belle Willis and Moore's final daughter, born in 1994, has a perfectly pretty name. The sing-songy quality is really nice, and has an almost playful feel to it. Sometimes too much of one letter in a name (in this case, l) can sound funny, but it works in this case.

Mabel Ray On April 1st, Emma Heming gave birth to Willis' fourth daughter. In naming her Mabel, he again bucked the celebrity trends -- this time, by going with something relatively normal. It's certainly old-fashioned and uncommon (it's never been in the top 1,000 names), but -- unlike his first three works -- was actually considered a name before he used it. I've loved this name for a long time, and am glad to see it getting some high-profile usage.

What do you think? Are Willis' names cool, or just weird?

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