Brave Names for Your Baby 28229

I took my daughters to see Brave this weekend, and fell in love with Merida, the spunky, bold heroine of the Pixar flick. I foresee a big wave of new baby girls named for her.

But she wasn't the only name inspiration you could take from the movie—especially if you're looking for names with Scottish flair. You can consider these name options for your child.

Merida You won't find the name Merida in Celtic lore. Our guess is that they either picked the name from Mexican or Spanish geography, or created a much easier pronunciation of Mairead, a Celtic saint. It's a name that means "honorable," which works perfectly for this bold heroine.

Elinor Merida's mother gets a Celtic name that means "shining light." It's a beautiful, classic name that hasn't been used too much lately—and it's a nice alternative to the ultrapopular name Ella.

Fergus The Pixar folks obviously did their research before choosing the name Fergus for Merida's brave and burly father, the king of DunBroch. The Celtic name Fergus means virile and manly—and popular. In other words, it's the perfect name for the strong, gallant dad.

Merida has three ultramischievous brothers, all with H names. Harris, an English name that means son of Harry, has fallen out of the top 1000 names since the 1970s, and seems ripe for a comeback. Hubert is actually a German name, which means "shining of intellect," a perfect choice for a devilishly brilliant little boy. Hamish is the Scottish version of James, which means supplanter. None of the names have hit the top 1000 in the U.S. in decades, but I can see any of the three becoming more popular.

Did you love Brave as much as I do? Would you consider naming your child Merida or Fergus?

Photo: Merida by The Walt Disney Company