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Ice-T and Coco are expecting—but they aren't going to go with another beverage-y name for their baby-to-be. Instead, they're planning on giving their girl a fashionista-style baby name: Chanel, the high-end brand, whose founder Coco Chanel may well have inspired the mom-to-be's moniker.

They're not alone in picking a baby name that has a brand or a product association. Sometimes, it's likely unintentional—I figure that most of the moms and dads of the Carters, Chases, and Lincolns out there aren't picking the names in homage to a baby clothes manufacturer, bank, or car company. (And we know Gwyneth Paltrow wasn't channeling her iPod when she named her daughter Apple.) But there are names that are so closely tied to the brand that it's likely that brand fans may pick it in homage to their favorites. They generally fall under one of two headings:

Luxury Brands

Chanel definitely falls under this heading, but there are plenty of other popular names that do. Fellow couture fashion line Armani ranks in the top 1000 for both boy baby names and girl baby names, along with classic jewelry house Tiffany. And don't forget luxury cars: In addition to Lincoln, you'll find high-end car manufacturers Aston (as in Aston Martin), Bentley, and Mercedes represented. Beyond the top 1000, you'll find baby names like Dior, Fendi, Cavalli, Lexus, and Cartier.

Rebel Brands

These brands have a bit of swagger to them. They generally fall under two headings—either they have kind of a rocker aesthetic, or they fit that whole cowboy vibe. We're talking about gun manufacturers like Colt and Remington, both in the top 1000, American car brands like Ford and Chevy, and of course, cowboy hat maker Stetson. On the rocker side, in the top 1000 you'll find Harley for boys and girls, after the motorcycle manufacturer, and Gibson, the legendary guitar builder. Beyond the top 1000 you'll find fellow guitar brand Fender, and Winchester and Beretta representing cowboy swagger.

But the question really is: Should you name a baby after something that money can buy? Personally, even though there are plenty of products I like, I wouldn't name my baby after one of them. (Hello, baby Apple!) And of course, I'd avoid giving your baby a name of a product that could lead to mocking in the future. But it's a free country, and I'm sure that many of the parents of little L'Oreals and Dasanis would think my daughters' names are boring and bland. To each his own.

So my question is: Did you (or would you consider) a brand name for your baby? And if you had to, which brand would you pick?

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