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It's another "Uptown Girl" for music legend Billy Joel, as he and his new wife, Alexis, welcomed their first daughter together on August 12th. Joining big sister Alexa Ray (his daughter with model Christie Brinkley) is daughter Della Rose.

Della is a variation on the German name Adela, and shares its meaning, noble. Della was a top 100 baby name back in the 1800s, but gradually lost favor and dropped out of the top 1000 back in the 1970s. If you like some of its more popular related names — like Adeline, Ella, and Bella — but don't like how common they're becoming, this might be a lovely option for your baby.

Rose is, of course, a favorite floral baby name. It's currently just inside the top 200 baby names as a first name, but it's an extremely popular middle choice. (In fact, a whole slew of stars have given it to their daughters as a middle name, including Ben Affleck and Jen Garner, Jon Stewart, Ewan McGregor, and Eric Clapton.)

Tell us: What do you think of his baby name pick? All in all, I think it's a lovely name with a very poetic lilt — and it's just offbeat enough to be unique, without venturing out into oddball territory.

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