Baby Names for Snooki's Bambino 28208

The Jersey Shore's Snooki announced that she's expecting a baby boy later this year—and that she's looking for an ultra-traditional Italian name for her future Situation. She has two name finalists of her own—Lorenzo, the Italian version of Laurence, which means "laurel wreathed," or Jionni Jr., in honor of fiancé Jionni LaValle. Jionni is a variant spelling of Gianni, which means "God is gracious." Both names blend nicely with her future husband's last name.

But I think she's selling herself short if she doesn't consider a few other Italian all-stars before she settles on one. Consider top 10 name Anthony, popularized by the patriarch from that other famous show set in New Jersey. Who wouldn't want another Tony to love?

Or Snooki could always try the name of Tony Soprano's right-hand man, Silvio, on for size. The name, which means from the woodland, blends nicely with Lavalle since they share so many of the same sounds.

Rocco was the choice for another famous baby—Madonna and Guy Ritchie chose the name for their son.

Luciano and Leonardo both give her the double L initials that she seems to like, and lend themselves to cool nicknames (Lucky and Leo, respectively). Considering how much the Jersey Shore crew loves nicknames, that should definitely be a consideration when selecting the right name for her baby.

Of course, there's always that Italian classic Romeo, which has real loverboy connotations, thanks to the timeless Shakespearean romance. I also like Amadeo, which was the middle name of Mozart, and means "love of God."

Or she can go with a male version of her real first name—Nicole—such as Nicolo or simply Nico.

Either way, her baby will likely stand out among his classmates, as most of these names (with the exception of Anthony) haven't broken the top 100. So there'll be no need to call him "Pauly D."

What name would you select for the future son of Snooki?Image: Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi via s_bukley/