Nick and Vanessa Lachey 28272

According to People, Vanessa and Nick Lachey found their baby's name on a street sign--Camden was the name of the street where their obstetrician practiced. But they're not the only ones who found more mundane ways to select their baby's name. Gwyneth Paltrow famously explained naming her daughter Apple because she thought the name sounded fresh and pure. Jessica Simpson's daughter was given the traditionally male moniker Maxwell as a nod to fiance Eric Johnson's middle name and his grandmother's maiden name. And Nicholas Cage's inspiration for his son, Kal-el, would be obvious to any comic-book fan--it's Superman's Kryptonian name, in case you aren't quite up on your superhero lore.

The moral of the story? Even celebrities find their names the same way we do, by searching high and low for that one, absolutely perfect name. So keep your eyes and ears peeled as you go through your day. Maybe you'll find the perfect name when you check out the name tag of your favorite barista at Starbucks, or the name of the park where you like to walk your dog. Maybe (like my parents), you'll be inspired by a model house you love or a character on a beloved TV show (my brother would have scored the name of one of the Hardy Boys' girlfriends from the late-70s TV show, had he been a girl). Maybe you'll find it as you're pursuing your passions--a favorite fashion designer's name, the singer in your favorite band, or the name of your yoga studio. Or maybe it'll just be after someone special who you love--your favorite aunt or your grandfather.

So keep searching for that perfect inspiration! And if you need any help, e-mail me at for a little baby naming guidance.Photo: Vanessa and Nick Lachey by s_bukley /