By Lisa Milbrand
January 27, 2014

Reader Jennifer knows what name she wants for her daughter—but the middle name stumps her. Here's her dilemma: I am having a baby girl and her name will be Sunshine. It's a heartwarming story on how we got her name, but we are stumped on a middle name. Last name initial is M. Would love to hear some suggestions! Sunshine is a cheerful, yet still offbeat name—it had a brief spell in the top 1000 in the 1970s-early 1980s. But you're right—it's definitely a challenge to come up with a middle name that works. I'd probably skew toward something a little more conservative and traditional, in case your daughter feels Sunshine doesn't work for her, but you don't want to go too conservative, either—I think Sunshine Jane would be odd, for instance.

Another word name would be lovely—perhaps a floral name, like Rose, Dahlia, Laurel, or Lily. Or a gem name, like Jade or Pearl.

Some other options I think could work with Sunshine: Fae, Rowena, Athena, and Isadora.

So readers, what do you think? What names would you pair with Sunshine? If you have a burning baby name question, don't be shy: Share it with me at, or in the comments here. And our Baby Name Finder can help you find your perfect name, if you're still searching.  (To keep up with the latest in baby names, you should like In Name Only on Facebook!)

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October 1, 2020
This is kind of funny. My name is Taymeka Shnshine but my mom always called me Sunshine as does everyone else. So I am over have a “unique” middle name I never use so I want to legally pick a new middle name. I googled middle names to go with Sunshine and stumbled on this story. My last initial is also M. So it’s like this article matches all my search criteria! I have thought about just making my first name my middle name but in reality the whole reason for the change is to not have that name anymore. I was hoping to see more comment suggestions on here.