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Reader Yvonne choose a stellar baby name for her first son—and is looking for something just as fabulous for her second. Here's her dilemma:

My husband and I are expecting our 2nd baby boy this July. We hit the nail on the head with our first born who was named Cameron Lucas Fein (pronounced 'fine'). But now we are hitting a brick wall trying to come up with a name for Cameron's little brother that is just as classic and strong.

The biggest problem is that our family is inundated with boys, so many names are already taken. My father's name is Kenneth (which is already taken by another boy in the family) and my husband's father's name is Eugene (which we don't really love)...his grandfather's name is Irving (not loving) and my grandfather's names are Chinese.

We've been toying around with Wyatt, Darren, Jacob, Austin and Dylan, but haven't really fallen in love with any one combination.

Yvonne, you picked two of my favorite boys' names for your first son (I even picked Cameron as my cool name of the week last year!), so I can see why it's a hard act to follow.

With your short-and-sweet surname, you need a longer name, like Cameron. You also seem to favor the "n" sound at the end, which is mirrored nicely in your last name. Donovan is a cool surname name that hasn't quite taken off as much as Cameron has—it's just under the top 250, and it means "dark." Or consider Hudson, which means "Hugh's son," and is just under the top 100 names in the country (though it's certainly poised to head higher). Or consider my favorite "-on" name, Dixon, which I picked as a cool name of the week earlier this year, and is connected with the name Richard.

Since you went with a surname name for your older son, choosing one for your younger son makes sense. I love Sawyer, Everett and Parker, all of which will fit well with Cameron as a sibling set. If you're looking for a more traditional name, Theodore would flow nicely with Fein, and comes with some cool nicknames—I love the sound of Theo Fein!

To honor your favorite relatives, consider putting something in the middle slot, where even an old-fashioned name like Eugene might work. But you don't have to stick with Kenneth or Eugene (or even one of the Chinese names, which could be lovely as a middle name). You could consider using a hipper variation of the name. Eugene is Evzen in Czech, a much more stylish choice than its English spelling; Kent is a cooler variation on Kenneth, and has the association with Superman's alter ego (and who's cooler than a super hero?).

My suggestions for you: Dixon Kent Fein, Everett Evzen Fein, or Hudson Kenneth Fein.

What suggestions do you have for Yvonne? Do you like any of the names I've suggested?

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