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Reader Kelly has a theme going with her kids' names—but doesn't know if she wants to continue it for baby #3

My married and legal name is Kelly Kelly.  I married a Chris Kelly nearing 12 years ago.

I am expecting baby #3 and it's another boy. My other 2 boys are Jesse and Justin. They are 11 and 8 years old so this baby was a big surprise.

Everyone is expecting us to go with with a J name which I am fine with but my husband has not agreed to Jonah which I absolutely love. He has only given me 2 names he likes and I don't like them....Braeden and Clayton. I have showed him at least 50 names. I feel like he is being difficult. We are open to the name starting with any letter.

I want a name that we don't know anyone else with like Jonah or even Jude which is the only name we have somewhat agreed on.I like Micah, Saylor just to name a couple. Also my maiden name is Harlow so his middle name will be Harlow.

So ________ Harlow Kelly!

I think Jonah and Jude are both lovely choices. Of the two, I'm a bigger fan of Jude (in part because I'm a big Beatles' fan), and I love its meaning, praised.

I'm a bit conflicted about the J name tradition you started in your family. On the one hand, it limits the name choices you have—but on the other hand, will your third son feel like he's not part of the crowd because he isn't a J?

If you want to stick with the J theme, have you tried Jagger, Jameson, Jet or Jasper with your husband? They're unique, but not too out there, and would pair nicely with Justin and Jesse. (Of the four, I think Jasper would be the nicest match, and sound lovely with Harlow as well.)

If you're ready to diverge from the Js, Cameron, Camden, Crispin or Kieran could match nicely with your name and your husband's—helping your son fit in with you.

What do you think, readers? What names should Chris and Kelly consider for their son?

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