By Lisa Milbrand
December 02, 2014
Baby Name Dilemma 28259

Reader Christie already has two girls and a boy—and is looking for the perfect name for her third daughter.

I am pregnant with my 4th child. This will be our 3rd girl, and we are having trouble finding a name we love. My other children are Austin, Sophia and Marlie (twins).

We don't really want a popular name. And we have a tough last name to match with: Graham.

Some names we like, but not sure if we love are: Annalee, Cora, Coralee, Charlee (pronounced like Charlie). Also we are trying to stay away from M names, because we have a Marlie, and I have a stepdaughter Maddie.

We are considering Joy for a middle name, but it's not set in stone.

I think Joy is a lovely middle name, and there are plenty of names that would sound great with your pick. Of the ones you're considering, Cora would be my choice. (I'd nix Charlee, since it's too close to Marlie, and you'll end up calling them both the same name!) I like that hard C, which mirrors your name and the "a" ending like big sister Sophia. I think names with an "ine" or "yn" ending would also work beautifully. I'd consider Coraline, Clementine, Adeline, Evelyn, and Caroline.

Some other names with "C" that you could consider: Clara, Cordelia, Celeste, and Charity.

If you want to move away from the Cs, consider some other names that feature the softer sounds like your other children's names. Some of my picks that'll flow nicely with her big sisters and brother: Eliza, Eleanor, Juliet, Adelaide, and Annabel.

Of my suggestions, I'd go with Clementine Joy or Eliza Joy.

Now it's your turn, readers: What names should Christie consider? What goes best with Austin, Sophia, Marlie, and Maddie?

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