By Lisa Milbrand
October 23, 2014

Reader Tracy is really specific about the kind of name she wants for her son:

I was wondering if you could help with any suggestions for a 4-syllable boy name. This is my 6th baby and I am truly at a loss this time! My oldest 3 children all have 3-syllable, 7 letter names (Breanna, Cassidy, and Zachary) and my youngest 2 have 4-syllable, 8 letter names (Monterio and Giavonna). I would love for this little guy to have a 4-syllable, 8 letter name but I haven't been very successful in my search. I don't want a common name but I don't want anything too outlandish either! If you could help with any suggestions, I would be grateful!

These parameters present a pretty interesting challenge—especially as so many boys' names are shorter. (I think eight letters and four syllables would be much simpler for a girl.)

Just like your son Monterio, look at names that end with that "o" at the end—they're becoming red hot in their two-syllable forms, like Milo and Arlo, so the four syllables will be a bit of a twist. I like Benvolio, Demetrio, Pacifico, Fiorello and Annunzio, but my favorite with your baby name mix is Oliviero, which is an international take on Oliver.

Another option is the Roman name trend, shown in shorter names like Augustus and Magnus. I'd pick Aurelius or Ignatius—or try Octavius or Octavian.

Two other names to consider—Jeremiah, a Biblical name with lots of weight behind it, and Ebenezer, which is starting to come back after a long time of being associated with fictional miser Ebenezer Scrooge. (I love the Eben nickname with that one.)

Okay readers: What do you have for Tracy? Share your favorites in the comments.

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