By Lisa Milbrand
May 06, 2014

Reader Kelly is having a hard time coming up with a follow up to a wonderful name:

I would love some help coming up with a name for my son due in 7 short weeks. My older son's name is Gianni so I'd like a name that sort of "goes" with that. I prefer a name that's not trending and my husband and I just cannot come up with anything!

It's great that you want your kids' names to make sense together—it always makes me scratch my head when I see a set of siblings like, say, Rainbow and Elizabeth. If you wanted to go for another Italian name (which makes sense with your last name), try names like Dante, Luca, Roman or even short and simple Leo (even though it ends with an "o" like your last, it really flows beautifully!). You could also go with some of the Latin-based "us" names—consider them old-school Italian. Atticus and Magnus have been trending up, but there are tons of beautiful ones: I like Lucius, Aurelius, or Andreas. Of course, you could always cross the borders, and find another European name that blends well with Gianni. I like Dimitri, Ari, Olivier, and Remy.

With a long last name and a multi-syllable first, you need something short and sweet in the middle. I'd go with a mono-syllable middle name, like James, Lee, or Rey. For instance, Leo James, Lucius Ray, or Remy Lee.

What ideas do you have for Kelly to pair with her son Gianni? Share them in the comments!

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