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Reader Connie has a big baby-name dilemma: "I have read through many, many of your articles, along with searching a gazillion other baby name sites and I think I now dislike every single baby name there is.  We are due with our first child, a boy, in 6 weeks. My fiance is very laid back and thinks we will be able to come up with a name once he is born.  Which I would not be opposed to except for the fact that the names I did like, he shot down, and hasn't come up with any suggestions himself.  So I'm seeking help.  He wants a one-syllable name, so there can't be a nickname.  I think I could convince him of a two-syllable name that doesn't have a nickname though, like Austin for example.  I want something a little more uncommon, but not wacky, or too trendy.  I loved the name Lucas (his grandfather's name was Lou), but he said it rhymes with mucus..... Other names I liked were Camden and Carter.  I would love to hear some of your thoughts and suggestions!!"

Boys' names seem to be especially hard to find—and I know that from personal experience. (We were incredibly lucky that both of our kids are girls!)

I know that Lucas was off the list, but what about Luke? It avoids the "mucus" connotation, still has the "Lou" to honor his grandfather, and is relatively popular (#39 on the U.S. popularity list), but not so popular that you're guaranteed another one in his class.

You might also consider skipping the formal name and going right for the nickname, to avoid having your kid get a new nickname. Names like Max, Charlie and Jake, for instance, are representative of this trend.

You seem to like the hard "k" sound, so what about names like Cale, Kai, or Cole—all one-syllable, and not-so-common (but still not so weird that your kid's going to get in playground fights). I think Tristan would be hard to nickname, and another choice that's along the lines of Austin or Camden. Names I like that fit your parameters include Noel, Dane, Ari, Rhys, Seth, Liam and Ian.

What do you think, In Name Only readers? What other names would you suggest for Connie? And do you like any of the names we've come up with for Connie? Don't forget to send me your baby-naming dilemmas at!

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