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Reader Jill wants a little guidance on her baby name choice: "I am pregnant with my first child—a boy! My problem is that I love a first name which starts with a J. My husband's name is Josh and my name is Jill. We are not interested in getting asked every time we introduce our family if we are going to be "just like the Duggars" and have all J-named children. Our top two names are Jeremy and Marlow. I like Marlow because I think it is unique, but not weird. I am afraid to use that name though, because it might be seen as feminine—especially if we use the nickname "Marley."

Honestly, I think both names are great. Jeremy is a beautiful name that's in the top 200 names, a variation on the Biblical Jeremiah, and it means uplifted by God. And while less popular, Marlow has a picturesque meaning—driftwood—and has become a hot choice for celebrity babies, with actress Sienna Miller most recently choosing it for her daughter.

But I think neither name is without its problems. You will likely get a few jokes about being the new Duggars if you choose Jeremy—though that should go away with time, as everyone gets used to your name. And as for Marlow, you'll need to consider the fact that several celebrities have recently chosen Marlowe, Marlo and Harlow for their daughters, so people may assume that your bundle of joy is a girl. Marlow is one of those unisex names, and its unclear whether it's going to stay unisex, or become one of those names that the girls take over.

Given the choice of those two names, I'd choose Jeremy, just it really seems like Marlow is skewing toward the ladies at this point.

What do you all think of Jill's dilemma? What name would you choose?

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