Baby Name Dilemma 28259

Reader Megan is expecting her second son, and needs to come up with a name that suits him. Here's her dilemma:

I love the name Nolan, but not sure choosing an "N" name with the last name Neumyer is ideal.

Looking for your ideas on what to name our second son, due Feb 3rd. Our first born is Landon Curtis (Landon we just liked and Curtis is my late father's middle name) We are thinking of going with the middle name Josef for baby boy #2 as this is my husband's first name and we like how the spelling speaks to his German background.

I love the idea of picking a name that suits your heritage—like Josef. Landon is a great up-and-coming surname-as-a-name name—currently in the 30s and on the way up. I think it'd be nice to pick another great surname-name for your second.

Some of the more interesting surname-as-a-name names that would sound great with your names are Wyatt, Cooper and Grayson—of these, my favorite is Wyatt. You could also pick a name with German heritage—Garrick is a cool option (it means "mighty warrior"), as is Alaric, which means powerful ruler. Of course, if you're looking for ties to Germany, why not look at the list of the most popular German first names? Right now, both Jonas and Elias are in the top 15 baby names in Germany, and both names would sound great with your middle name selection and surname. Of course, Nolan isn't a bad choice with your name, and definitely falls along the same lines as Landon.

Hope this is helpful, Megan! And let us know what name you pick.

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