Jihad, A 13-pound baby born in Germany last week has gotten lots of attention in the last week for both his weight and his name.

"Jihad" has a few interpretations -- "struggle," which isn't such a big deal (and might be what his mother experienced during delivery), and "holy war," which -- to the blogs -- is a much bigger deal.

My take? Poor kid. I don't think the mother was awful for picking the name -- after all, it's actually a pretty common Muslim name, and it's definitely not offensive to the degree of, say, Adolf Hitler or Aryan Nation. I don't think he would be getting this publicity if it weren't for the 13-pound thing. Together, it makes for a salacious story, and a sad way for a kid to start his life.

What do you think? Is Jihad a terrible name? Do the cultural connotations overtake the actual meaning?