Ashley Scott 41855

It's a girl (again!) for UnREAL star Ashley Scott and her husband, Worlds Apart singer Steve Hart. And the couple went with something a little different for their baby name—a name that came with a little extra meaning. Joining big sister Ada is... Iyla Vue. (Say it out loud to get the little something extra in the name: I love you!)

Iyla is either a variant spelling of Isla, which means island, or Ayla, which means moonlight. Both names are relatively popular with their more common spelling: Isla's at 150 here in the U.S. (and a top baby name in the U.K.), while Ayla is in the top 300.

Vue is a less common name—it's a variant spelling of the word view. And interestingly, it makes sense paired with either of the potential first name meanings (and of course, as part of their word play name).

The name is in the same vein as actor Rob Morrow naming his daughter Tu (i.e. tomorrow), though not quite as wild as that pick. But plenty of non-famous people do the same thing with their kids' names: I've heard of a Mabel Later and actually met a Hap Hazard. (And it definitely makes me wonder what big sister Ada's middle name is!)

So what do you think of the name Iyla Vue? Would you give your child a name pun if you could?

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