Ashlee Simpson's Baby Name: Get the Details!

Ashlee Simpson gave her first son the infamous baby name Bronx Mowgli (a favorite on many "crazy celebrity baby name" lists), so we were anticipating a pick that's equally offbeat when she was expecting her brand new daughter. (I suggested Brooklyn Mulan!) But Simpson and her husband Evan Ross went in a slightly different direction when they picked their daughter's name: Jagger Snow.

Jagger has become a rocker name du jour, but it tends to be used more often as a boys' name. It pays homage to Rolling Stones' legendary frontman Mick Jagger, of course, and a slew of celebs have picked it for their sons, whether in the middle or first place. Only Soleil Moon Frye used it for a girl. It's currently just outside the top 700 names for boys and it's currently relatively steady in the 700s.

Snow has become a hot word middle name—perhaps in homage to fan favorite character Jon Snow on Game of Thrones? In any case, it has a wonderful wintry vibe to it (even if this baby was born in the heat of July!).

So what do you think, guys? Is Jagger Snow a baby name you'd pick? And would you give that name to a girl or a boy?

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