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These days, it seems like more and more boys' names are crossing the aisle and turning pink, particularly when it comes to celebrity baby names. James has become a middle name for girls—everyone from Sean Combs to Jennifer Love Hewitt used it—and recent celeb daughters have been named Asa, Frankie and Lincoln.

So is there anything in the boy column that you can't see becoming a girls' name? Top 10 names like Joshua, Mason and Jacob feel a little too solidly in the boys' column to move over, and don't naturally lend themselves to feminization. But many of the boys' names I might put in that column, like Joseph, William, Robert—have their feminine counterparts.

But even in the top 25 boys' names, there are plenty of contenders for future unisex status: Aiden and Jayden have been definitely heard for girls, and Logan and Noah definitely could be crossover contenders.

Of course, as more and more names become unisex, that tends to leave fewer and fewer names for the boys—names like Tracy, Ashley, Harper and Meredith were once boys' names, and are now nearly exclusively used for the girls.

Tell me: What do you think? Can you think of any boys' names that you think would never work for a girl? Would you use a unisex name that's trending more toward the girls, like Bailey or Quinn, for a boy?

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