Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof Announce Their New Baby's Name 28220

It's another girl for the How I Met Your Mother actor and her hubby, who met when they were both cast in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Alyson played Buffy's best pal Willow, a powerful Wiccan, and Alexis played Wesley, a priggish Watcher-guide to the slayers.) And big sister Satyana gets a little sister with an equally intriguing name: Keeva Jane.

Keeva appears to be a variant on Akiva, a unisex name of Hebrew lineage. The name, which started out for boys only, means "protected." And Jane just happens to be one of the hottest middle names in the country, the feminine version of John. Jane means "gift."

It seems like a perfect fit with their older daughter's name, Satyana Marie. They gave both daughters equally exotic sounding first names (Satyana is derived from a Sanskrit word that means "truth"), and much more traditional middle name (Marie—the French version of Mary, which means "bitter"—has been popular as a middle name for decades). The names have a similar style, but without being too "matchy" in their choices. Even though neither name is Russian, they both have a Russian vibe to them, which makes them flow nicely with the last name Denisof.

I'm wondering what they might have selected if they'd had a boy instead. It might be interesting to go with a more Slavic name, like Gregor, meaning vigilant, or Sasha, which is a variant form of Dad Alexis, and means "warrior." I'd pair them with another traditional middle name, such as James.

What do you think of the name choice Alexis and Alyson made for their brand new baby? Do you think Keeva's a name that works only in the celebrity realm, or do you see it rising the charts as more people become hip to this ultratraditional name?

Photo: Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof by Joe Seer /