By Lisa Milbrand
April 02, 2015

It's a girl for model/actress Milla Jovovich and husband Paul W.S. Anderson—and for their second daughter, they chose to follow the latest celeb trend of giving their daughter a baby name that's been traditionally used for boys. Joining big sister Ever Gabo is baby sister Dashiel Edon. (And that's a much better baby name than the one Ever suggested for her little sister—Toilet Bowl!)

Dashiel is a unique spelling for Dashiell, a British take on the French surname de Chiel. It's been picked by a slew of celebrities for their sons—actors Cate Blanchett and Jason Priestley, and rocker Alice Cooper. It comes with a couple of nicknames, including the stylish Dash and the more staid Shelly. It hasn't been a top 1000 choice for either boys or girls.

The middle name they chose, Edon, appears to be an alternative spelling of Aidan, though it could also be a variant of the more girly Eden. Depending on which name it originated from, Edon either means little fire or paradise.

It's definitely not a common choice for a girl—though Dashiel feels a little bit more feminine than some of the other baby names celebs have co-opted (hello, James!). What do you think of it?

And what do you think of the trend of using boys' names for girls? Are there any boys' names you think should be "off-limits" to girls? And would you consider following this trend with your own child?

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