Advice on Baby Names: How to Honor Family Members

Reader Yvonne is looking for baby names for her second daughter. Let's give her a hand!

I am 17 weeks pregnant with my second girl. I have no idea what I want to name her, besides something that is not on the top rated list! My husband wants the middle name to be in the family but I don't like any of them—and my husband and my daughter both have very unique names (Jory James and Joryn Marie) and I'd love to continue down that road. My name is Yvonne Yvette. The other family names are Debbie, Mary Lou, Lucy, Olga, Thelma and Marie. And I'm not a fan. The only names we've thought of were Sloan and Cora or Kora. Any suggestions would greatly help!

I love the idea of honoring family members with the middle name—but you don't have to use the exact name to honor them. Mary's siblings could include Marit, Molly, Maribel or Marin. Honor Thelma with a Thea, Debbie with a Devra or Devora, Lucy with Luz, Luca, or Lucinda. Maeve would be a nice combination of Mary and your name, Yvette. And James has been popping up as an unexpected middle name for girls—why not honor Dad?I do like the baby names Sloan and Cora—Cora in particular. I think Cora Maeve or Cora Lucinda would be lovely. If you're looking for other unique names in the Sloan/Cora vein, consider Jovie, Vienne, Clea, Ione, Lilou (which would honor your Mary Lou), Cerise, Chiara, Oceane, and Sidra. My baby name pick for daughter #2? I'd go with Cora Maeve, Vienne James, or Lilou Eve. Okay readers, share your baby name advice! What other suggestions do you have for Yvonne?

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