I'm currently visiting my aunt, uncle and three young cousins. Of course, the most interesting thing to me in their house is the elementary-school phone directory for grades K through 5. It represents actual proof of baby-naming trends -- not just expert testimony about new name fads.

Below, some of the more interesting findings from my read:

Harry and Roxane (one n) in the same kindergarten class, Joanne in the first grade and Judith (hi Mom!) in the fifth grade. Proof that '40s and '50s names are not dead.

Jocopo and Kalena. Sorry, no idea about pronunciation or ethnicity.

The androgynous Tinley, Sami, Wells, Tyto, Cary, Ramsey, Reece, Kazio, Savi, Finian (2x), Sormeh, Kildee, Ailish, Joavan and Behrad.

Only two -aden/-ayson names: Aidan and Grayson.

Zaida and Ziza.

Unique spellings Pearse, Deniz, Rebekka, Clio (a little too close to an anatomical word for my tastes...), Caleigh, Calli and Lukas.

Indianola and Nola in the same first-grade class and Maya and Maia in the same second-grade class.

Victoria nicknamed Wren, Penelope nicknamed Nellie, Erik nicknamed Doc, Addison nicknamed Satchel, Isabella nicknamed Zara, Julia nicknamed Julia Belle, Thomas nicknamed Chandler and William nicknamed Frere.

...along with lots more fun. What about you? What's interesting in your kid's group?