A Traditional Name for Bill and Giuliana Rancic? 28228

Reality show stars Bill and Giuliana Rancic are expecting their first child, a boy, later this summer. And they've already said they aren't planning to follow the celebrity preference for offbeat names. "It won't be anything like Stereo System or Flag," Giuliana has said. The couple is seeking a name that's nice and traditional—though not necessarily from the top 10 names. (My guess is that Jacob is not on their short list.)

So what works well with Rancic? Obviously, William would be a nice choice, after his father. They could call the younger one Will, instead of resorting to the whole Junior business.

But I'm betting that's not where they're headed with their son's name. So here's a strategy for them (and, well, for anyone who's naming a baby): Ideally, a first name should not have the same number of syllables as the last name, and shouldn't end in the same sound as the beginning of the last name. So that limits Bill and Giuliana a little bit, as many of the more popular first names for boys are two syllable names, like Aidan, Mason and Dylan.

I like names like Charles and James with the last name Rancic. Those names have such a nice, classic appeal—and have a number of nickname options as well. If they want something longer, Maximilian and Nathaniel would work well with the last name, and each shortens nicely (Max and Nate, respectively).

As for middle names, I like the punch of a short, one-syllable middle name. A name like Luke, Cole, Finn or Chance are all great middle name options, depending on the first name choice.

What do you think Bill and Giuliana should choose for their upcoming bundle of joy? Are you planning to go for a more traditional name, or something more unique for your baby?

Photo: Bill and Giuliana Rancic by s. bukley/ Shutterstock