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The former First Family has a new addition! Jenna Bush Hager and husband Henry Hager welcomed George W. Bush's first granddaughter, who was given the names of her two grandmothers—Margaret Laura. She'll be called Mila.

Mila is usually shorthand for Milena, and means "love." Margaret is one of my favorite names (it's my youngest daughter's), and it's a Greek name meaning pearl. There's a slew of noteworthy Margarets in the past, including queens, England's former prime minister, and an array of authors and actors.

Laura is the former First Lady's name, and another classic. It means "laurel," and it's still a top 300 name, though it's on a bit of a decline from its last peak in the 1980s. Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author of the Little House on the Prairie series,  is perhaps the other lady of fame associated with the name.

In all, Jenna and Henry chose a lovely, classic name that's full of meaning for the family, and a sweet nickname that pays homage to both grandmothers.

What do you think of Mila—or Margaret Laura? Are any of those names on your short list?

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Image: Jenna Bush Hager, a White House photo by Shealah Craighead