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We get pretty jazzed when someone from welcomes a new baby into his or her family. And this week, we were thrilled to help executive editor Michael Kress and his wife, Stephanie, welcome a brand new baby girl.

They chose names that are significant to their family for Sophia. Sophia (Tsofiya in Hebrew) was chosen to honor Stephanie's late father, Tsvi. As any name nerds know, Sophia is currently the most popular name in the country, and it means wisdom. The most famous bearer of the name was movie star Sophia Loren.

The middle name, Devorah, is a Hebrew name that means "bee." The Kresses chose it to honor Michael's grandfather, David. Our friends over at Nameberry think it's a fresh way to pay homage to a Deborah, too. It's a name that hasn't cracked the top 1000 here in the U.S., but I think it's a lovely choice.

Congratulations to Michael and Stephanie! And we can't wait to finally see some pictures of your beautiful little one.

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