By Lisa Milbrand
February 06, 2015

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are following in the footsteps of Adele, Uma Thurman, and several other celebs by keeping their baby name a secret—at least right now. (Though apparently, if you know them, you probably already know their baby name!) But papa Ryan has dropped some hints lately—so here's what inquiring minds (like ours!) do know about their little girl's moniker:

1. It's not Violet. It's also not Sophia, Olivia, Emma, or Ava. In a recent appearance on Late Show With David Letterman, Ryan ruled out media speculation that the baby was named Violet—and also nixed a whole slew of names that Dave threw out.

2. It's a family name. But it's not Elaine (Blake's mom's moniker). We don't know much beyond that—anyone have access to the Lively and Reynolds' family trees so we can scout for baby names? Wikipedia really isn't giving us clues!

3. It's Biblical. You can't get much more old-school with your baby name pick than choosing something that's in the Bible. There's a whole slew of longtime classics in there, including Mary, Elizabeth, Abigail, and Sarah—plus some really cool unique names, like Salome, Delilah, Miriam, and Lillith.

So—that still leaves us with a lot of names to consider. Personally, I'm digging Abigail, Miriam, or Naomi as possibilities. Tell us: What do you think Blake and Ryan named their baby?

(Oh, and P.S. Ryan—if you're reading this, I know you're telling people you meet individually. So... hi! I'm Lisa—nice to meet you! And, um, what's your baby's name?!)

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