Is your favorite baby name on this list?

In addition to releasing the most popular baby names of the year so far, popular baby name website Nameberry has released data on its furthest-rising baby names of 2016. These are the names we'll be keeping an eye on, as they're climbing in popularity faster than any others. So whether you're looking for baby name inspiration, or those to avoid as you decide upon a unique baby name no one else has snagged yet, you'll want to see this list.

For girls, the top 10 furthest-rising names are as follows:

6. Thea

8. Maya

9. Aria

10. Audrey

At the top of the list, Astrid (which has Scandinavian roots) climbed a staggering 55 places in popularity. At the bottom, Audrey rose 16 places.

For boys, here are the 10 fastest-rising names of the year:

1. John

10. Samuel

We're noticing a trend here in names that end in "el," including Daniel, Maxwell, Gabriel, and Samuel. It's a slight departure from boy names ending in "en" and "em" that have been holding the top spots, such as Liam, Mason, Ethan, and Aiden.

It's interesting to note, too, that Aria and Aryan pop up on both the girls' and boys' list, which is perhaps an influence of Games of Thrones character Arya Stark.

You can see the full list of Nameberry's most popular names of 2016 (so far), along with a few newcomers to the top 100, over on its site. I'm just relieved my (secret) favorite baby name is nowhere to be found! Because boy, do I hear grief over the fact that one of my daughters has a very common name. So sorry, honey! At least I was in good company when I chose it!

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