38 Christmas Names for Babies

Commemorate the holiday season with an extra-special Christmas baby name.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year... especially when there's a bundle of joy on the way. If you're expecting a holiday baby, then you may want to commemorate the season with an extra-special moniker. Here are 38 fun and unique Christmas names for babies.

Traditional Christmas Baby Names

The list of Christmas symbols is never-ending. Which one best represents your favorite tradition?

Belle – The soothing sounds of church bells on Christmas Eve

Carol – The holiday tunes sung by neighborhood children during Christmastime

Claus – The red-clad, bearded symbol of Christmas (you can also choose the variant Klaus)

Eve – The day before December 25

Ginger – Named after everyone’s favorite holiday cookie: sweet and spicy gingerbread

Holly – The most symbolic of Christmas plants

Ivy – Goes hand-in-hand with Holly

Joy – Everyone is joyous at Christmas time

Kris – After Santa Claus’s other name, Kris Kringle

Nicholas – Saint Nick, our beloved Santa Claus

Noelle – French for "Christmas"

Tannen – In honor of the Christmas tree carol, "O Tannenbaum"

Yule – The comforting warmth of a burning log

Pop Culture Christmas Baby Names

If you love Christmas stories, then you'll adore these baby names pulled from beloved holiday classics.

Aaron – The lead character in The Little Drummer Boy

Cindy Lou – The kindly little Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (You can also shorten to “Cindy” or “Lou”)

Clara — The main character of The Nutcracker

ClariceRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's accepting girlfriend

Clark – The head of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation's dysfunctional Griswold family

Clement – After Clement Clarke Moore, the author of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Ebenzer – The protagonist in the classic holiday story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

George – The hero of It's a Wonderful Life; his surname, Bailey, is perfect for a girl

Jack – A nod to the fictional Jack Frost character

Karen – Returned Frosty the Snowman to the North Pole so he wouldn't melt

Linus – Delivers an inspired religious monologue in A Charlie Brown Christmas

Ralphie – The bespectacled young man in the cult favorite, A Christmas Story

Rudolph – The red-nosed reindeer, of course

Susan Elizabeth – The little non-believer from Miracle on 34th Street

Spiritual Christmas Baby Names

These Christmas baby names draw inspiration from religion and spirituality.

Angel – One of the religious symbols of the holiday season

Balthazar – One of the Three Wise Men

Beth – After Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ

Christian – Meaning “follower of Christ”

Faith – Expresses your belief in Christianity

Gabriel – An archangel who announced the birth of Jesus

Gloria – Meaning “glory”

Grace – An elegant girl’s name with spiritual connotations

Immanuel – An Old Testament name meaning “God with us” (can also be spelled Emmanuel)

Joseph – The father of Jesus Christ

Mary – The mother of Jesus Christ

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