Cute and Pretty Girl Names for Your Baby

From feminine to sweet and vintage to French, we've rounded up our favorite baby girl names. Consider one of these lovely options for your daughter.

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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder—but many of these pretty girl names actually mean attractive! From feminine flower names like Daisy and Tulip to vintage names like Amelia and Beatrice, we rounded up our picks of the most delightful and cute baby girl names. So if a pretty baby girl name is on your wish list, try out one of these options.

Names That Mean "Pretty"

    Alanis Singer Alanis Morrisette put this variant of Alan on the map—it means handsome.

    Amara It means eternally lovely, and it's currently in the top 600 names for girls.

    Anwen This pretty Welsh name is exotic, yet still easy to pronounce. It means fair and beautiful.

    Belinda This variant of the vintage name Linda falls just inside the top 1000 baby name choices, and means pretty.

    Bella Most name nerds know that Bella means beautiful, whether it's in this red-hot standalone version or part of a name like Isabelle or Anabella.

    Calista This name from Greek mythology means most beautiful. Think actress Calista Flockhart, or the name's originator, a nymph who fell in love with Zeus.

    Delyth This Welsh name means both pretty and blessed.

    Helen Thanks to the whole Trojan War story, Helen has always been synonymous with beauty, as the "face that launched a thousand ships." The name itself means "bright and shining one."

      Ingrid This Swedish name means fair and beautiful. Its biggest claim to fame is legendary actress Ingrid Bergman.

      Jolie You may think Angelina when you hear the name -- and this French classic meaning cheerful or pretty was actually her middle name before it became her stage surname.

      Keeva This pretty name means gentle and beautiful, and is a phonetic spelling of the Irish name Caoimhe.

      Linda The Spanish word for pretty once ruled the charts, but its star has fallen a bit since its peak in the 1950s and 60s.

      Marini It may make you think "ocean," but Marini is actually the Swahili word for pretty -- and it makes a beautiful name.

      Navah This pretty Hebrew name is a rare gem here, but more popular in Israel.

      Phoebe This soft Greek classic means radiant one.

      Rosalind Rosalind means "pretty rose," and it's a classic name favored by Shakespeare -- it's the romantic lead in his comedy, As You Like It. Baby naming experts are predicting that it will resurface in the top 1000.

      Tove Pronounced toe-vuh, this old Scandinavian name for beautiful is currently in the top 100 in Sweden, but has yet to break the top 1000 here in the United States.

      Zuri This African name means good and beautiful, and comes with that trendy Z at the start. It's currently climbing the baby name charts here, and is about to break into the top 500.

      Flower Baby Girl Names

      Flower baby names are one of the hottest name trends right now because they are pretty, feminine, and even Earth-friendly!

      Floral baby names themes are a great choice for siblings or twins. In fact, chef Jamie Oliver named all of his daughters flower names, including Petal Blossom, Daisy Boo, and Poppy Honey.

      • Tulip
      • Daisy
      • Lilac
      • Petal
      • Poppy
      • Rosie or Rose
      • Violet
      • Dahlia
      • Clover
      • Bluebell
      • Azalea
      • Gardenia
      • Fern
      • Lily
      • Petunia
      • Viola

      Tres Chic! French Baby Names

      French is one of the romance languages, which is why we love these exotic and beautiful French baby names. These names have a wonderful sound to them and would make the perfect choice for your little bébé.

      • Arielle
      • Brielle
      • Desiree
      • Helene
      • Josee
      • Juliette
      • Madeline
      • Reine
      • Anouk
      • Adela
      • Agnes
      • Celine
      • Chantal
      • Colette
      • Elise
      • Josette
      • Laetitia
      • Simone
      • Odette
      • Veronique
      • Antoinette
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      Long and Elegant Girl Names

      Long names have a romantic and sophisticated sound to them. Many of these names can also be shortened into delightful nicknames, such as Gabrielle to Gabby. Check out our pick of elegant, long baby girl names:

      • Emmanuelle
      • Genevieve
      • Henriette
      • Gabrielle
      • Francoise
      • Alexandria
      • Bernadette
      • Elizabeth
      • Jacqueline
      • Penelope
      • Angelina
      • Victoria
      • Seraphina
      • Annabelle
      • Evangeline
      • Gwendolyn
      • Kimberly
      • Valentina
      • Felicity
      • Arabella
      • Rosalinda
      • Savannah
      • Magdalena

      Vintage Baby Names

      It is hard to beat these timeless and classic baby girl names. These vintage names will never go out of style and are a nod to a simpler and more innocent time.

      • Scarlett
      • Dorothy
      • Agnes
      • Clara
      • Opal
      • Elise
      • Beatrice
      • Josephine
      • Faye
      • Serena
      • Charlotte
      • Vera
      • Willa
      • Amelia

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